Wissenwertes rund um's Hamam

  • The bather should keep quiet in the Hamam

  • On covering the bather wraps himself in a Pestemal (Hamam bath towel)

  • Before, perhaps, showers

  • The bather beschüttet his hot stone well-chosen to the sweating with provided water vessels (Tas)

  • The bather rests to the sweating on the hot Mamorstein, according to compatibility 15 to 60 minutes

  • The bather thereby becomes looser and is relaxed as well as optimally for the following Hamam treatment prepared

  • The bather should pay attention always to his well-being and remain lying only so long as it is pleasant to him

  • In addition, the bather can also take a shower occasionally or with tepid water strewn

  • Alternatively this offers visit of a chiller room

  • On warming up follows the real Hamam treatment which the Hamammaster carries out

  • After this treatment the bather rests in the rest room and strengthens himself with a glass of black tea