Wissenwertes rund um's Hamam

  • Waiting hall - The waiting hall forms the Entrance sphere to the Hamam. The bath woman opens to you and instructs you in the right use of the Hamam.

  • Hall - Here is the work area of the bath woman. She distributes Pestemal, gloves and Turkish olive soap. From here one reaches covering for investing of the Pestemals as well as showers and toilets.

  • Sogukluk - In this room one is prepared for the heat.

  • Sicaklik - Here is the relaxation washbasin (38 degrees centigrade). Before of the washbasin one should clean himself thoroughly or rub off with the face cloth (Kese). Cover occasionally with the hot water from (sink).

  • Halvet - an overheated room (45 degrees centigrade) for sweating out and to the presweating for the thrashing or massage on stone serves. During and after the sweating the hot water from should be used extensively.

  • Kese - Herewith one rubs off the body with a special face cloth intensely. Clean linking up the body with hot water.

  • Lif - After the thrashing with the face cloth follows the cleaning with the olive soap. The body thoroughly with Kese soap. One deletes the lather linking up with the hot water from.

  • Massage room - case massage is booked, one is puck up by the Tellak (masseur) to the soap massage in the massage room.

  • Bingülraum - dry sauna (65 degrees centigrade) after the massage to the postsweating.

  • Cemekan - The rest room should be relaxing to and serve quiet talks. One should spend at least 1 to 1½ hours in the rest room. One receives from the bath woman moreover a bathrobe, black tea, mineral water and fruit.