Wissenwertes rund um's Hamam

What causes a Hamam treatment?
The intensive heat opens the shell pores and deeply hacks into the musculature. The dead shell cells have been deleted by the peeling glove and the bandage tissue is well supplied with blood. After the whole body-peeling the shell feels smooth and smooth.

About 24 hours after the Hamam treatment one can drink, in addition much pure source water (tepid without carbonic acid) to compensate the liquid loss. Unterstüzt the cleaning trial.

In East became and is taken up Hamam also as a ritual cleaning angewndet and also from Hodschas (priests) and religious people in this way. The cleaning rituals are carried out by a good Hamam master or also themselves. Thus false decisions or wrong lifestyle are quit in the Hamam and are created by cleaning and Häutung a fresh start. With 40 water castings the decision is reinforced and positive affirmation is murmured over and over again and is swore.

How often is the Hamam attended?
The Hamam is to be attended advantageously regularly, at least 1 times per month, better it is 1 times per week. One can visit one or twice per year for some weeks the Hamam according to cure 2-3 sometimes per week, e.g., as a spring cure or autumn cure, as a cleaning cure, maybe in connection with a diet or in addition to other health cleaning methods. Then one comes again in big distances. Everybody must find out the right measure for itself.

Also children can attend the Hamam
Children can attend the Hamam with her parents and get to know early this miraculous, wholesome personal hygiene. Children dear Hamam very much, the heat, the water, the lather mountain. Gentle peeling and light massage has the same positive effect like with adults with them.