Wissenwertes rund um's Hamam

The tradition of the Turkish bath goes far back at a time, before the Turks settled Anatolia. When the Turks came to Anantolien, they brang along your bath tradition and confronted with it the Romans and Byzantines. The different traditions mixed and with the leverage of Islam for cleanness of the water a completely new concept grew: That of the Turkish bath.

With the time it became a solid institution with solidly rooted uses. Even at that time with the Ottomans the baths of big popularity have taken pleasure. For the Turks the bath is more than only one place to the cleaning of the shell. The Hamam is a living amusement company and relaxation company. A large part of the traditional Turkish everyday life happens in the Hamam or has to do with him (women before the wedding, after the birth the nut).

Stay, washing and chatting in the oriental bath rooms is a pleasure far from hectic rush and everyday life. In the Hamam bodies and mind take a bath in mild heat and gentle light. With the Hamam it is not only about body cleaning, but about a true party of the senses. Heat, humidity, foam, smells and touches prove a complicated synthesis of the arts in the service of the well-being. Besides, means the Arabian word„ hamam“ only warm. Hamam is a place of the seclusion where the pleasant and the silence meet.