Wissenwertes rund um's Hamam

Pestemal is a Hamam and sauna cloth and is used in the Hamam on the body. Pestemal is suited very well on traveling, because it distinguishes itself by high suction ability and quick dry. Besides, it still saves more space really.
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Kese is to be applied only to healthy skin!
Kese is used to the Abschrubben of the dead skin particle by the body. The use of the Kese to bathing and to the massage preserves from sweat, fat and similar skin problems. In addition, it accelerates the blood circulation, it refreshes the skin fabric and prevents folds and Zellulitis. Therefore Kese helps to a healthy and smooth skin. These peeling gloves are also suitable for dry peeling very well.
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... if is a Hamamshell of high quality copper, aluminum and tin with oriental decoration. This is used for it to pour warm water over the body, there originates a pleasant effect for good sensations.
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A foam cushion is produced from high quality cotton and is used in a Hamam to the foam massage.
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